Choosing Directors & Officers Insurance

When running a moderately sized company with a number of individuals overseeing operations, finances, and other components on a daily basis, there is always a risk of potential mismanagement leading to litigation. While you trust your team implicitly, it’s important to be prepared for any possible outcome, which is what a good directors and officers policy offers. With this type of policy you can reduce the potential liability of company officers whose assets could be jeopardized by charges of mismanagement in the company.

The increasingly difficult environment that executives operate in means an increased risk of claims, complex coverage questions and issues, and potentially costly issues that your standard policies are not suited to address. That’s why it’s important to choose a D&O policy for your company that protects your executives’ potential personal liability claims related to their management. Radius Insurance can help you find just such a policy.

Choosing a Directors & Officers Insurance Policy

This important line of insurance coverage is at times complex for businesses that either do not have a policy or do not have sufficient coverage. Because the risk of lawsuits, both by employees and ex-employees, and outside third parties has only increased in recent years, executives are increasingly at risk of attracting litigation costs and damages, both for themselves and the company.

A good D&O insurance policy allows you to protect both your company’s assets and your staff from the risk of these suits, but it’s important that such a policy is carefully matched to the nature of your business.


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