Choosing Boiler & Machinery Insurance

For those companies that operate heavy equipment, boilers, or other machinery that is integral to the operation of their business, boiler & machinery insurance is highly recommended. A good boiler and machinery policy will protect against breakdown to your boiler & machinery, as well as most electrically or mechanically powered equipment in your business, ensuring you avoid costly downtime and expensive repairs.

While your property insurance will cover a number of factors, such as fire, damage related to electrical arcing, mechanical breakdown, or damage to your heaters or boiler often is not covered, which is where this type of policy comes in. Radius Insurance works with a large number of carriers to match policies to your needs related to electrical equipment, business equipment, machinery, refrigeration and HVAC systems, and boilers.

Choosing Boiler & Machinery Insurance Policy

While computers and types of EDP equipment are not covered by this insurance, you will be covered for many of the machines and equipment in your business and the risk of breakdown, which can be costly if prolonged. This can cover costs such as:

  • The cost to repair or replace certain equipment after a breakdown that wasn’t expected.
  • Loss of any business income due to an accident or catastrophic breakdown or failure that prolongs down time.
  • Any other costs that may be associated with the time of the downtime for your business.


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Common every day occurrences like power outages leading to electrical surges, critical failure of a vital machine, or breakdowns of expensive and costly boilers can slow or even stop your business from running. To learn more about how a Boiler & Machinery equipment breakdown insurance policy can protect you, contact Radius Insurance, or click the button below to request a quote.