Choosing Cyber Risk Insurance

One of the fastest growing risks for businesses is cyber-attack. The increased viability of technology as a means to interrupt a company’s online presence, move or steal data, or disrupt internal communications is impacting many businesses across industries. For this reason, it is more important than ever for businesses that rely heavily on technology and digital communications to consider a strong Cyber Risk insurance policy for their business.

How serious is the risk of cyber-attack to your business? Every day, more than four million attacks are waged against company networks. Even with top tier talent and extensive resources invested in protecting their networks, dozens of big companies every year suffer data breaches, outages, and more as a result of these attacks. For a large number of businesses, coverage for such a potential eventuality is a must and Radius Insurance can help you find the policy that ensures protection for your business.

Choosing the Right Cyber Risk Insurance Policy

Most small business owners don’t see the risk of cyber-attacks to their company as being sufficient. But because of a lack of infrastructure, it’s far easier for an attack or attempted breach to affect these small companies. That’s why it is so important to consider coverage for situations such as:

  • Protection of employee information that is stored for payment via EFT through your bank accounts.
  • Any credit card or billing information stored for customers that order products or services from you.
  • Sensitive financial or legal information your clients entrust you with.


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These all represent very real risk that you can you protect yourself from with a good Cyber Risk insurance policy. If a breach or attack occurs, such a policy will allow you to quickly recover without extensive impact on your business.

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