Choosing Business Interruption Insurance

For most types of business insurance, there are factors you can control and ways you can mitigate risk, in combination with a good policy. But there are some factors outside your control, such as fires, storms, or other physical loss. For these situations, a good Business Interruption policy will ensure income continues to flow into your company, even when you’re unable to operate under normal circumstances.

The nature of factors that could interrupt your business varies depending on your industry. From contractors who are directly impacted by weather conditions, natural disaster, and other factors outside their control to those who own commercial property that can be damaged in ways outside of their control, a breakdown in the mechanisms that allow you to do business can be catastrophic, leading to lost revenue, inability to pay staff, or even a shutdown.

Choosing the Right Business Interruption Insurance Policy

Radius Insurance works with a large range of California insurance carriers and specializes in business insurance policies, allowing us to more effectively find and match the right policies to your business.

Whatever your business type, be prepared for the unexpected with business interruption insurance designed to protect against loss of income in the short term.

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